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  What is your Covid-19 Policy
What's your email address & Phone Number
What type of license do you hold
Do you have any helpers
What language(s) do you speak
Do you have an open door policy
What is your turnover rate
How many children do you currently provide care for
What type of curriculum do you provide
Do you allow the children to watch TV
Where do the children nap
What is your method for discipline
Do you have a vacation policy
Do you have a sick day policy
Do you do back up daycare
Do you offer a discount for families with more than one child
What are your religious beliefs
Can you tell me more your policies
Will attending dayare affect my child in the future

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bullet What is your Covid-19 Policy?

One of my most important jobs is to keep all the children enrolled in my care safe. One of the ways I do this is to require all parents be vaccinated against Covid-19 before they can bring their children to my program.

I do require the quarantine of a member of the family who has COVID, or has traveled out of state, or has attended a large gathering of people.

bulletProof of vaccination is required during our initial interview.

Masks are required by parents during our initial interview and, if enrolled, during drop off and pick up of children.

A vaccine will be required for all children once vaccines are available to children under age five.

There are no federal or state laws requiring anyone to get vaccinated. As parents you may have your own reasons not to get
vaccinated. I retain my right to set my program's rules about whether to require vaccinations. My job is to keep children safe.


bullet What's your email address?

click the button for my phone number


bullet What type of license do you hold?

I am operating under a C1; I can have a total of 12 children in care at any one time. I can care for 8 children under school age. Of the total children under school age, no more than 3 will be infants and toddlers. Of this total, no more than 2 will be infants (School age is considered to be the date of enrollment in Kindergarten and beyond). While my license is not an infant toddler specialty license at this time I plan to continue to focus on the younger age set and to keep enrollment at no more than 4 children.

bullet Do you have helpers?


bullet What language(s) do you speak?

English only.


bullet Do you have an open door policy?

Yes, however, because this is a private residence, I keep my door locked. All you need to do is knock.

bullet What is your turnover rate?

On average, over the last several years -  children remain in my care for 3 years.


bullet How many children do you currently provide care for?

Infants: 0
Toddlers: 1
Preschoolers: 0
Kindergartners: 0
Schoolagers: 0


bulletWhat type of curriculum do you provide?

Many learning opportunities come about during the course of the day while in my home. Pets are present, and might be around the children. If you have an aversion to cats around your child then my home would not be a good match for you.

 I stress relationship building here. Activities are age appropriate.  There will be open ended art activities when your child is old enough to hold the crayon, marker, scissor or paintbrush on his or her own without placing it in their mouths. Typically this occurs around 18 - 24 months of age. I want to stress this because sometimes parents are expecting something different than what I provide, so I feel those that are interested in my program should keep all of this in mind. 

Babies and toddlers learn so much while moving through the environment, and the activities that take place during these first months will be highly physical. I provide large motor, small motor and opportunities to build friendship and trust. Your child won't greet you with a craft item each day, rather, with a smile.

Please review this web page for information regarding Kindergarten readiness: http://www.earlychildhoodnews.com/earlychildhood/article_view.aspx?ArticleID=477

bullet Do you allow the children to watch TV?

Infants aren't typically interested in the TV, but are attracted to the sound. Most days the television is on and a music channel is selected. I will also turn on the news on mute.


bullet Where do the children nap?

I have pack n play cribs for the infants and toddlers.


bullet What is your method for discipline? (IE: timeouts? redirections? ...)

All discipline is handled in a caring manner. I have found redirection works with all ages whether it be showing a toddler a different toy to play with or moving an older child to a different area of the room. As the child grows and is able to understand what was done that was inappropriate I will discuss with the child alternate ways that they could have handled the situation. 


bullet Do you have a vacation policy

I take up to four weeks of unpaid vacation each calendar year. I have eight paid Holidays and 5 paid personal leave days.

Please keep in mind that I don't always take the 4 weeks of vacation, and I rarely use the personal leave days. I schedule my personal appointments during my unpaid vacation time, such as Doctor and Dentist visits, procedures etc. whenever possible.

I will give the parents a two week notice regarding my vacation days. Maximum notice is given when possible when I need to use a personal leave day; these are usually reserved for illness or emergency. 

My payment policy is parents pay me whenever I am available. Parent/child vacation days are paid.


bullet Do you have a sick day policy

To lessen the spread of illness we practice regular cleaning and disinfecting of toys  as well as hand washing for the children and myself.

I do have a sick child exclusion policy. Fever of 100 degrees with or without any other symptom (cough, runny nose, diarrhea, sore throat) will be considered signs of illness and the child will need to be kept out of care for the duration of 24 hours without fever or contagious symptoms.

During this period of uncertainty because of Covid-19, regular daily temperature and wellness checks will be performed.

Payment is due for days children cannot attend due to illness.


bullet Do you do back up daycare?

I provide drop-in care if I have the opening available for the day or days in question. Back up care, ( aka drop-in) is based on availability. Please see my rates page for what I charge. 


bullet Do you offer a discount for families with more than one child?

I offer a 5% discount to families with three or more children. Sorry, no discounts for one or two children.

bullet What are your religious beliefs?

I consider myself a non-denominational Christian.

bullet Can you tell me more about your policies?

Here I touch briefly on the main policies. Parents are given a complete policy handbook upon enrollment.


New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day, are my paid holidays.


I am on the food program. I will provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  Parents have the option of supplying formula or breast milk and solids for their infant, or I can provide it upon enrollment on the CACFP food program.

 Smoking and Pets:

Non-smoking at all times. We enjoy the company of friendly cats.

 Field Trips:

The trips we take are all within walking distance. I do not plan to take all the children in the car because I provide care for infants, and many times have more than one infant in my care at one time.


We have daily, age-appropriate activities. Our time is loosely structured to provide a sameness and security to each day, and still allow for flexibility


A two-week deposit is due upon signing the contract. This deposit will be applied to your child's('rens) last two weeks of attendance. If you decide to terminate care before your child attends the first week, your deposit is forfeited.  I do not issue refunds on any portion of deposits nor is interest paid.

Holding Fee: There are times when I have an immediate opening and I'm asked to hold this opening for sometime in the future. It is reasonable to ask for a portion of the income that would otherwise have been paid to me by a family that could attend my program immediately. Therefore, I will charge a holding fee that is equal to 1/3 of the weekly rate for each week the opening is held. This holding fee is not applied to any care and is non-refundable.

A one-time non-refundable $60.00 registration fee will be due along with your deposit, this fee is applied toward the cost of paper work, materials and equipment. The first two weeks of care will be a “trial” period to assess if the daycare arrangement is working out for the parent, provider and child(ren).

Toilet Training

Some parents are looking to begin their toddler in toilet learning before the age of two years. I am firm in my philosophy that children learn this skill the same way they learn any other, by practice, however if the child doesn't show signs of readiness in my home then we will need to postpone the transition from diapers to underwear here. Keep in mind what a child is prepared for at home with his or her parents will likely be different from what that same child is prepared for here in my home at this young age.

Toileting will never be forced on an unwilling child here. Children will not be left on the toilet or potty chair until "they go". They will be given a few minutes to relieve themselves and then we will be done "trying". I am with the children while they are in the bathroom. J


bullet Will attending daycare affect my child in the future?

Lots of parents wonder if attending daycare will affect their child in the future. The answer is yes because all experiences affect a child's future in one way or the other. There are actually a lot of benefits your child will experience by attending daycare that you may not have thought of.

When your child attends daycare he will learn to socialize with others. Socialization is very important and the earlier kids start learning the better socializers they will become. In daycare kids are exposed to many other children so they learn how to play with their friends and how to share. They also learn to coexist with other children they may not care for much and resolve conflicts on their own. As a result, daycare can really help your child get a jumpstart on socialization early on and prepare him for school.

Prepared for Kindergarten
Daycare prepares kids for kindergarten. Many times they will learn their alphabet, numbers, and the like while in daycare. This gives kids a head start for kindergarten and allows them to enter with the basic knowledge of what they are going to learn.

Following Rules
Daycares have rules and if your child attends daycare he will certainly learn those rules and how to obey them. Learning to follow rules at a young age is very helpful to parents because the child will be responsive to rules at home as well as rules at school.

As you can see if you send your child to daycare there will be a lot of benefits from doing so. Of course there are some drawbacks associated with daycare but many of them are outweighed by the many benefits. source

Please review this web page for information regarding Kindergarten readiness:





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